Royal Appliance - Dirt Devil Power Reach

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I had one of the original Dirt Devils for 15 years and loved it.When it finally died, I purchased a Dirt Devil Power Reach.

I returned it after a few minutes of use because I thought the brush roller was defective; it wouldn't turn if I put even the slightest pressure on it. I got a replacement and there was the same problem. I searched the web and learned that the brush roller is supposedly powered by suction, not a belt. Unless the HEPA filter and container are virtually immaculate, the roller doesn't turn.

The hose is way shorter than my previous Dirt Devil's and has limited use because of that.

I think the Power Reach should be taken off the market because it is the most worthless piece of *** I have ever spent my hard-earned money on.Whoever designed it must have had their head up their ***.

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